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Al Lail & An Nur have been building bridges!


Al Lail and An Nur have been exploring how to build bridges and make them stronger.

They made Beam Bridges, Arch Bridges and Truss Bridges out of paper.


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Year 5 and 6 cycle training


The Year 5 and 6s have had a week of cycle training, which was run by Cycle Confident, Merton’s cycle training provider.

The children have learned how to check their bike for safety using the ABCD checklist:

  • Air – are the tyres pumped up?
  • Brakes – do both brakes work effectively?  Roll your bike along and pull each one in turn to verify
  • Chain – is the chain oiled? Use a light oil to make sure it runs smoothly and quietly
  • Direction – does the front wheel move in the same direction as the handlebars when you turn them?



The children ended the week with an extended cycle ride in the local area where some of them were joined by a family of ducklings!

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Year 6 post-SATs treat!


To celebrate the Year 6s  completing their SATs, the school took them on a trip to Flip Out trampoline park in Earlsfield.


The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and spent some time on the return journey reminiscing about the good times they’ve had at school.

Ustadah Pareez treated the children to an ice cream each before returning to school.



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NSPCC Online Safety parent workshop


On Tuesday 9th May, the NSPCC came to deliver a workshop to parents about Online Safety.

Feedback from one of the parents who attended:
“The workshop was really good, it made us realise that we can’t stop children going online, but we should make it as safe as possible for them.
We should also treat games as films and adhere to the ratings. We wouldn’t allow our young children to watch an 18-rated film, but many play 18-rated computer games.”



We look forward to welcoming the NSPCC back again for a children’s assembly and workshop insha Allah.

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Y2 Road Safety Assembly


The Polka Theatre visited Year 2 children on Tuesday 15th May to perform the interactive play ‘Around the Corner’

The children learnt how to be safe when crossing the roads through this very engaging experience.





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Ad Duha are learning about Oceans & Seas!


Ad-Duha’s new Topic for this term is Oceans and Seas. They are learning to name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans. They are using world maps, atlases and globes to identify the United Kingdom and its countries, as well as the seas around the UK. They have learned that wind makes big or small waves in the oceans. They have created sea collages  to show their understanding.  

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An Nur are learning about Number Bonds!


Year 1 have been practising their number bonds this week!

Click on the links to play at home!




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Reception are learning to tell the time!


Masha Allah, our Reception children have been learning how to tell the time. They are becoming confident in showing o’clock and half past. They know that there are 60 minutes in one hour. They have been counting the minutes by using their knowledge of counting in 5s, so they are already learning the five times table!

They will continue learning about time in Year 1 insha Allah, where they will be introduced to ‘quarter past’ and ‘quarter to’.

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Visit from London Fire Brigade


On Tuesday 26th April, the London Fire Brigade came to deliver a fire safety workshop for Y2 and Y5 children.

Children were taught about the importance of having smoke alarms fitted in their home, remembering to test them regularly and having a fire plan in case of emergency.

The Y2s told us some of the things they learnt:

“You have to touch the door handle with the back of your hand. If it’s hot, that means there’s a fire on the other side of your door. ”
“You should crawl on the floor to get out to avoid breathing in smoke. Smoke hurts our lungs.”
“You have to turn off everything electrical before you go to sleep.”


Y2s practising crawling on the ground to avoid breathing in smoke.

The Y5s gave us some more information:

“You should test your smoke alarm once a week to make sure the batteries still work.”
“Make sure you close your doors before you go to sleep.”
“If you breathe in smoke 3 times, it can make you fall unconscious.”
“If you can’t get out of your room, go to your window and shout ‘Fire!’ 3 times. If you shout ‘Help!’, people won’t know what help you need, so they might ignore you.”


London Fire Brigade offer free home fire safety visits, during which time they will advise you how to minimise the risk of a home fire. You can find more information here

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