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Al Fajr and At Tariq visit Kew Gardens


Al Fajr and At Tariq went on a trip on Friday 17th November to Kew Gardens on a Topic-based trip which was linked in with this term’s Topic of Rainforests.

The trip started off in Wimbledon Long Stay car-park and the children walked to Wimbledon Underground Station.

Everyone ready to go!

There was a long wait at Earls Court station for our connecting train, so the children had a mini-picnic on the platform!

Y3 and Y4 children having their snack on the platform while waiting for the train!

Walking from Kew Gardens Station to Kew Gardens!


During the children’s workshop, they spent time using the specialist equipment to  investigate the outside temperature and humidity, soil temperature and moisture and light, before comparing those results to inside the Palm House. The children then went exploring inside the Palm House and learnt about the relationship between animals and plants in the Rainforest.



The Y4 children had enough time to explore some of the attractions in Kew Gardens. They visited The Hive, a unique, multi-sensory experience designed to highlight the extraordinary life of bees.

There was also enough time to visit the Treetop Walkway.

Here are some highlights from the rest of the trip:

Year 4s caught sight of a peacock as they were exploring the grounds.

The Year 3s spotted a very desensitised fox who was also exploring.

Lots of walking, as you can see from Ustadah Tasnim’s step monitor!

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KS1 trip to London Transport Museum


On Tuesday 14th November, KS1 went on a Topic-based trip to London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, linking in with this term’s Topic of Journeys. They attended an interactive workshop called Build a Bus, during which time they investigated how London buses are made and why they have changed over time.  They also toured the museum and participated in the Stamper Trail.

Here are some photos from the workshop:

We’ve been building buses!


Children having fun taking part in the workshop.


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PE trip to Boxhill


On Thursday 9th November, Y3-6 went on a PE trip to Box Hill, where they took part in outdoor activities including a nature play trail, parcour in the woods, stepping stones over a lake and a trek to the top of Box Hill.

Here are some of the highlights from the trip.


The beautiful landscape

Reaching the viewpoint!

Walking up the hill was TOUGH!

Some of the children wrote letters to the Box Hill staff to thank them for their help on the trip. Here are some excerpts from some of the letters.




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Al Fajr Food & Bake Sale


Al Fajr hosted the 1st fundraising event of the year with a Food and Bake Sale on Thursday 19th October.

Some of the delicious home-made treats on offer at the sale.


Al Fajr’s event raised over £500 which will insha Allah be used to purchase resources for the school. Masha Allah well done!

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PTFC Dads Paint Party


Date Valley Dads organised a Paint Party on Saturday 14th October to help the school fulfil the tenancy agreement to maintain upkeep of all the rooms in the building. The Reception classrooms had been highlighted as top priority for this event and, as you can tell from the photos, the Reception rooms really did need a lot of attention!


Before painting – Reception walls in need of lots of TLC!

Date Valley Dads had around 10 volunteers who agreed to help out; some coming in the morning and some in the afternoon. The PTFC provided refreshments for the Dads.

The DV Dads hard at work!


After painting had finished – look how shiny the walls look!

Jazakumullah khair to all the dads who gave up part of their weekend to help with the painting.

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PTFC Coffee Morning


The PTFC hosted a Coffee Morning on Thursday 5th October 2017 from 9-11am. It was the PTFC’s first event of the academic year and was the 1st opportunity to welcome our new mums to the school and give the chance to meet each other and have a chit chat over tea and cakes. Sister Romina started off with an Islamic reminder on renewing our intentions daily. We also gave some of our entrepreneur mums the chance to showcase their business-ware.

The Coffee Morning flyer

Sister Romina based her reminder on this beautiful ayah of the Quran.


One of our stall holders with some special offers on their stock.

Some of the beautiful costume jewellery on offer.



A selection of the tasty treats provided by the PTFC.

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