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Al Fajr and At Tariq visit Kew Gardens


Al Fajr and At Tariq went on a trip on Friday 17th November to Kew Gardens on a Topic-based trip which was linked in with this term’s Topic of Rainforests.

The trip started off in Wimbledon Long Stay car-park and the children walked to Wimbledon Underground Station.

Everyone ready to go!

There was a long wait at Earls Court station for our connecting train, so the children had a mini-picnic on the platform!

Y3 and Y4 children having their snack on the platform while waiting for the train!

Walking from Kew Gardens Station to Kew Gardens!


During the children’s workshop, they spent time using the specialist equipment to  investigate the outside temperature and humidity, soil temperature and moisture and light, before comparing those results to inside the Palm House. The children then went exploring inside the Palm House and learnt about the relationship between animals and plants in the Rainforest.



The Y4 children had enough time to explore some of the attractions in Kew Gardens. They visited The Hive, a unique, multi-sensory experience designed to highlight the extraordinary life of bees.

There was also enough time to visit the Treetop Walkway.

Here are some highlights from the rest of the trip:

Year 4s caught sight of a peacock as they were exploring the grounds.

The Year 3s spotted a very desensitised fox who was also exploring.

Lots of walking, as you can see from Ustadah Tasnim’s step monitor!

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